Part of the allure of Bell Ringing is the chance to see the world from a new perspective. To access areas that are normally out of bounds and to experience the thrill of new adventures. From the windows of the tower stairs, the ringing chamber, the bell chamber or the tower roof, the view can be spectacular!

The great thing is, as a bell ringer, you know the right people to get you safe access to these places, so use that knowledge, ask your fellow ringers for help to go on a new adventure - to capture the #ViewFromTheTower.

A big thank you to all those who have already shared their images below. We'd love to see your #ViewFromTheTower, so send us your pictures!

'Inverary, Scotland' - Casey McLellan

Inverary, Scotland

'The magnificent view from Christchurch Priory, 120ft high. The Isle of Wight is in the distance, far left.' - Jack Pease

Christchurch Priory

'A few pictures taken from the outdoor balcony of the Trinity Wall Street Bell Tower, New York. I've also included a picture of the tower itself taken by one of our ringers from a neighboring office tower...' - David Henry

Trinity, Wall Street, New York

'The views from the top of Great St Mary's in Cambridge... it's just great going up there...' - Dave Richards, Society of Cambridge Youths

Great St Mary's in Cambridge

'Quebec Holy Trinity, Canada. From up in the bells, one of the best views...' - Andrea Falk

Quebec Holy Trinity

'Bath Abbey' - Pauline Kennard

Bath Abbey

'From St Margaret's, Westminster, about an hour before New Year's Day 2015 :)' - Helen Beaumont

St Margaret's, Westminster

'From the top of Liverpool Cathedral tower - casting its shadow!' - Claire A Mitchell

Liverpool Cathedral

'All Saints, Ryde, overlooking the Solent towards Portsmouth' - John Stock

All Saints, Ryde

'St Albans cathedral. Autumn.' - Jen Johnson

St Albans cathedral. Autumn.

'Southwark Cathedral one practice night. Should really go back!' - Tim Stanford

Southwark Cathedral

'Lincoln cathedral precinct from the ringing room balcony.' - Claire Howard

Lincoln Cathedral

'View of the river from Hereford Cathedral.' - Martin Kirk

Hereford Cathedral

'Alfriston' - Pauline Kennard


'St Helen's Church, Lundy. - Taken when visiting with ringers and friends, relaxation and some ringing' - Michael Orme

St Helen's Church, Lundy

'Our Summer Party - St John at Hackney Church. Enjoying the view!' St John at Hackney Church

'View from St Peter's, Ashburnham.- Can you spot the new BioMass Boiler? Very Green!!' St Peter's Ashburnham